How to Root Android 7.0

“I want to recover some deleted messages from my phone running Android 7.0,how to root it beforehand?”

Rooting your Android phone will allow you to gain superuser authentication to access data on it,extend device’s battery life,boost its speed and memory,remove pre-installed bloatware,etc.This tutorial demonstrates you how to do it with SuperSU.

Why use SuperSU?

1.Better safety.

SuperSU is a authentication manage tool itself,rooting reduces satety for devices,so authentication manage would be very important as a protection.Most importantly, if you do not have correct compatible kernel installation, SuperSU does not soft brick your device.

2.Better compatibility.

SuperSU has better compatibility with most current Android phones,Android models and third party Android apps.According to the chainfire, right now SuperSU Root is compatible with the all Android versions including the new Android 7.0 Nougat firmware. Chainfire further says they released the SuperSU Root for Android 7.0 Nougat without modifying system partitions; therefore, we can surly say this will take to a new level of the Android Rooting community.

3.Easy to use.

SuperSU root removes the barrier between the process and gives you simple root access option. You will find the button in the SuperSU root application. You just need to click the root button to initiate the rooting process. The SuperSU root application takes care of all the background process, and in few minutes you will have rooted device. Anyone can root the device with the SuperSU. No need to have any knowledge about the technical process.

How to root your device using SuperSU?

Step 1. Download twrp to your computer,
Step 2. Unlock your phone,enable USB debugging,connect your phone to the computer.
Step 3. Open adb,type in:adb reboot bootloader.
Step 4. Type in fastboot flash recovery recovery.img after you enter bootloader.
Step 5. Download,put it in your SD card.Follow the steps below to install SuperSU:

  • Copy the root package to your device.
  • Reboot your phone into recovery mode.
  • Tap on “Install” or “Install zip from sd card” and select the SuperSU zip file.
  • When the correct zip file is selected, “Swipe to Confirm Flash” to flash zip package.
  • Once SuperSU is flashed, select the “Reboot System” option.

Step 6. Restart your device to get into install from SD card,locate Super                 and click install.

SuperSU will give you the result of rooting,a rooted Android device allows you to gain superuser authentication which means you will be able to retrieve data from it if you have deleted some important files accidentally.Android Data Recovery is powerful tool exclusively develped for recovering data from Android device,refer to Android Data Recovery product page to learn more.

How to Export and Import Playlists in iTunes 12

How can I transfer my playlists from my old PC to my new laptop. I have successfully transfered my music library but not the playlists.

The requirement of transferring music playlist in iTunes 12 has grown in a wild way recently,people not only want to export & import musics,but also the infomations along with,playlist is one of them.How to do it?iTunes could be the first tool coming to your mind natually,followign tutorial will demonstrate you how to have it done with iTunes.

Transferring playlist from PC to PC would be divided to three steps,first of all,export playlist from iTunes to computer,then deliver it to another PC,and finally import it to iTunes.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer,go to top left corner and click File>Library>Export Playlists,then save the playlist to your computer.

Step 2. Copy the playlist file to a removable disk,and move it to your new computer.
Step 3. Run iTunes on this computer,navigate to Library>Import Playlist,select the file and tap Open to import.

Transferring playlist could be so easy with iTunes,but when it comes to delivering music files between PCs,iTunes appears not to be the best way to go.There are so many alternatives for you,some of them could be much more effective in delivering music files from computer to computer than iTunes,such as iCarefone,which is exclusively developed for iOS file managing,iphone backing up,restoring and repairing.Here I’d like to illustrate you how to manage music using iCarefone.

Step 1. Download and install iCarefone on your computer.then connect your phone to it.
Step 2. Steer yourself to File Manager section,then select Music.

Step 3. Click Import to copy the music from your PC to iPhone.

Step 4. Install and launch iCarefone in your new computer and connect your phone to it.
Step 5. Go to Music in the File Manager section,the imported music files will show up in the screen below,then click export to deliver the music to your new computer.

Transferring music is just one of the File manager features,you can also manage iBooks,Photos,Videos,Bookmarks,etc.Backup & Restore feature can help you back up or restore your device,Repairing Operating System feature can be a fixer for resolving iOS issues.Compare to iTunes,iCarefone is smaller and easier to use.


Top 3 iPhone Music Transfer Software in 2018

Just update to the new iPhone X,wondering what to do to transfer all your music from the old iPhone to it?There are so many ways can achieve this,here is a tutorial showing you 3 best methods to get it done effectively.

Way 1. Transfer Music with iTunes.

iTunes provides a simple way for you to transfer the music by just flicking your fingers,here is what you need to do:

Step 1. Open iTunes on your laptop or iPhone.
Step 2. On phone,go to Settings-Music
Step 3. Scross down to the bottom of the page and click Home Sharing.
Step 4. Log in with your Apple ID and Save it
Step 5. Now go to the other device you want to transfer your music.
Step 6. Follow the same steps on this phone.
Step 7. Go to iTunes on your phone.
Step 8. Click Shared,it will ask your library name,select it.

It will refresh it in a few seconds,and then the music will be transferred.

Well,this is a way might occur to you in the first place,but frankly,the process is quite time-consuming,if you want things done effectively,you can take a look at following two alternatives:

Way 2. Get Music to Your New iPhone Using Tenorshare Phone to Phone Transfer.

Tenorshare Phone to Phone Transfer is exclusively developed for transfering data separately between iOS devices,including iPhone,iPad,iPod,etc.Compare to iTunes,the advantage of this program is the way it works so quickly and straightforwardly,just a few minutes,you will complete the task.

Step 1. Install and launch Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer.

Step 2. Connect both your old and new iPhone with it,make sure there’s sufficient storage on your target device and two devices are in correct order.

Step 3. Select the music you want to transfer on your old iPhone and hit Start Transfer button.

Have a cup of tea,the transferring process won’t take too long,after that you will be able to view the transferred music on your new iPhone.

Way 3. Move Music to Your New iPhone by Tenorshare iCarefone.

There always are alternatives allowing you to make things happen,no exception in this case,Tenorshare iCarefone is a program offering you an option to do this trick.

Step 1. Install and run iCarefone on your laptop.
Step 2. Plug your old iPhone to the computer and hit Trust this computer if being required.
Step 3. Navigate to File Manager section and select Music.

Step 4. It will ask you to install muti-media component if you haven’t installed it previously.Then you will see all the music on your phone emerging in the screen.Click Export to extract the music to your computer.

Step 5. Now you can connect your new iPhone and get to Music,click import to move the music to it.

Now you have learned 3 best ways to transfer your music between iOS devices,just this easy!When you get the new iPad, iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6/6s/7, or a new iPhone 8/8 Plus, or iPhone X, and want to import all songs, movies, photos, apps, contacts, messages, notes, books from the old one, you can download Tenorshare Phone to Phone Transfer or Tenorshare iCarefone on your computer firstly, and then follow this guide to make it.

iTunes Error 53 Fix, iPhone Update Error 53, iPhone Could not be Restored Unknown Error 53

About Error 53.

Error 53 appears when a device fails a security test that was designed to check whether Touch ID works correctly before the device leaves the factory.
Here I’d like to recommend you two ways to fix this error:

Way 1. Restore Your Device Using iTunes.

Apple released an update in iOS 9.3 to allow you to successfully restore your device using iTunes on your Mac or PC.Follow the steps below to have this issue fixed:

* If iTunes is open on your Mac or PC, quit iTunes.
* If your iOS device is plugged into your computer, unplug it.
* Make sure that your device has the latest version of iTunes.
* Connect your iOS device to your computer with a USB cable.
* Open iTunes and select your device.
* When you see the option in iTunes to Restore or Update, click Update. iTunes will try to reinstall iOS and restore your device without erasing your data.1
* If you can’t get past the Apple logo screen, force restart2 your iOS device. When you see the option to Restore or Update, click Restore.
* When you see your iOS device’s Hello screen, follow the onscreen steps to set up your device.
* If you previously backed up your device, you can set up from your backup.
* When you see the screen for Touch ID, tap Set up Touch ID later.
* If Touch ID on your device didn’t work before you saw error 53, the feature still won’t work after you update or restore your device. Contact Apple Support to ask about service options for Touch ID.

Way 2. Repair Your Phone via iCarefone.

Sometimes iTunes could fail to repair your iOS and continually gives you error messages,what to do if you are in this case? iCarefone would be a great choice for you.Following steps will show you how to repair your phone using iCarefone.

Step 1. Install the iCarefone on your computer and connect your phone to the computer using an USB cable.You can download iCarefone from here.

Step 2. Select “Fix All iOS Stuck”

Step 3. Download the Firmware Package Online.

Step 4.Put your device into recovery mode(or DFU mode).

Step 5.Start to repair your device after completing the downloading of firmware.

Step 6.Wait for the repairing process complete.

iCarefone is a program that not only can help you fix various iOS error,but aso can help you manage files between iphone and PC,remove Ads,Speed up and Clean your device.

3 Things you should Know about iOS 11.1

Apple has released iOS 11.1. Although there are many debates about iOS 11, Apple has updated it time and time again. The new version has been accepted by Apple fans. As a completely new version, the following three things you must can’t ignore.

New Features in iOS 11.1
iOS 11.1 adds hundreds of new emoji characters including new expressions, vampires and zombies, breastfeeding, dinosaurs and many more. The biggest update, I think it is the most important one for every iOS user, is the new version has fixed WPA2 WiFi issue. A leak named “KRACK” has been breakout and it is based on WPA2 confidentiality agreement. If your device connects to WiFi, the attacker can steal credit card info, password, chat messages, photos or other private information easily. Therefore, to update to iOS11.1 is necessary and urgent. Some more other updates are listed images below:
ios 11.1 new features

What Problems in iOS 11.1?
Although many bugs has been fixed. Some problems are still there. From Reddit, some people still got lag screen. Someone even got a freeze iPhone. somebody said the folders in general have been a pain in the ass. The battery issue is still there for many users.
reddit errors

How to Downgrade iOS 11.1?
If the iOS 11.1 update plays bad in your iPhone, iPad or iPod, to improve the performance of your iDevice, you can downgrade it to an old iOS 11.0.3, 11.0.2, or 11.0.1 any time. Apple has closed off the iOS 11.0 and iOS 10 downgrades. To downgrade it, you can use iTunes directly. Here i will also introduce another tiny tool to you. It names iAnyGo. To be honest, it is more flexible than iTunes. You can downgrade it in one click. No need to worry about iPhone, iPad stuck issues. Moreover, you can backup all them before downgrade in case of data loss. The video below shows you how to downgrade iOS 11.1 step by step.

An Error Occurred when Installing iOS 11? Here is the Fix

Up to now, Apple has released iOS 11 for almost one week. It offers iOS 11 public versions and beta versions to us continuously. All of us would like to try this new system, however, some meet errors like below:
1. The music app getting stuck on the lock screen with the iOS 11 update.
2. The phone is stuck on a loading screen after trying to update to iOS 11.
3. iPhone come out and stuck with a shit blue screen.
4. iOS 11 update keeps getting stuck at verifying update for 10-20 mins then says error.
5. App is getting stuck after update, very sluggish.
6. Home app is stuck on “Loading Accessories and Scenes”
7. Got a call, phone froze. reboot itself and has been stuck in loop since.


Fix iOS 11 stuck at verifying update
The update stuck issue becomes quite common for iOS 11. Some issues are caused by poor or unstable Wi-Fi connection. Or your battery is too low when updating iOS. In that case, we can easily fix it by starting charging or retrying to install it again.

If this error shows again, here is another method for you.

To update to iOS 11 or iOS 11.0.1, you can also try Tenorshare iAnyGo. This tool can update iOS in local computer with built-in firmwares. Not via OTA, therefore, you have no need to worry about low battery or unstable Wi-Fi connection. Just one click, you can update as you like. Moreover, iAnyGo allows you to downgrade iOS as well. Unlike iTunes, you can only restore it to the newest iOS. iAnyGo let you downgrade to iOS 10, 9, 8, etc.


Get iAnyGo, you can visit:

Fix App stuck after updating to iOS 11
App is stuck or app runs slow after iOS 11 is another big issue. Unlike update process stuck, this issue is caused because many App does not support iOS 11 right now. You can contact App developer to update Apps and make it compatible with the newest iOS, or downgrade iOS.

To learn how to downgrade iOS, here is a video for your reference:

How to Fix iPhone 7 Plus Flickering Screen

“My iPhone 7 Plus began to freeze, open up apps on its own, scrolling pages, and the screen flickers. This happens randomly. I’m sure it has never been exposed to water or liquids. Will you be able to help me fix it?”

I had the similar issue with this iPhone user before. My iPhone 6 stuck at a flickering screen and I couldn’t use it as normal, which made me so annoying. It is believed that quite a lot of users encountering this abnormal flickering problem on their iPhone 7 plus/7/6s/6s plus/6/6 plus. Unfortunately, it seemed there is still none helpful online solution. No worries. I will sort out the useful ways I ever tried to fix my iPhone 6 flickering screen finally.

Way 1: Restart iPhone 7 Plus
In most of the case, small bugs can be removed by a simple reboot on your phone.
Step 1: Hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the “Slide into power off” screen appears.
Step 2: Wait a minutes until the screen becomes completely black.
Step 3: Press the power off button again until you see the Apple logo
Step 4: Type your passcode and the flickering screen may disappear.

Way 2: Factory reset your iPhone/iPad
If the reboot can’t save the iPhone 7 plus into normal, you have to try to factory reset your iPhone. But this solution will erase all of the data in the iPhone.
Step 1. The first step is to do a backup for your iPhone/iPad data.
Step 2. Connect your iPhone 7 plus to your computer via USB cable and open iTunes.
Step 3. Move to the ‘Restore iPhone’ option to fix the flickering screen in iPhone.

Way 3: One Click to Fix iPhone 7 Plus Flickering screen with ReiBoot
If the flickering issuer still annoys you, ReiBoot may be the most highly-recommended tool for you to remove the flickering screen. It can fix any iOS abnormal problems including flickerig scree, recovery mode stuck, DFU mode stuck, white Apple logo, etc without data loss. To solve your iPhone 7 plus problem, please follow the below steps.
Step 1. Download and install ReiBoot Pro in your computer.
Step 2. Connect your iOS device to computer with USB cable.
Step 3. Launch ReiBoot Pro and click “Fix All iOS Stuck” section in the main interface to enter system recovery screen.
start to fix ios issues
Step 4. Click “Repair Now” to start the fix process and you should choose standard mode to repair the abnormal iOS operating system since the advanced mode will wipe data permanently.
repair iphone without data loss
Step 5. Download firmware package online or import firmware package manually and click “Start Repair” to fix flickering screen on iPhone 7 plus.
 fix iphone 7 plus flickering issue
After you try on the ReiBoot, it’s believed that your iPhone 7 plus is being normal now. If you have any other feasible solutions, please share with us and leave a comment.

How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp are great in our daily life for chatting with family and friend. Supposed you impulsively delete some WhatsApp message but you have regret and want to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone, what should do if you don’t even have backup? This seems very frustrating. Luckily, some professional developers have dedicated to solve those troubling iOS data loss issue with programs.

Tenorshare UltData is today’s recommendation for you as a life saver to allow you to recover lost WhatsApp data, photos, contacts, messages, notes, etc. from iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4. It features three modes to support you even recover deleted message in WhatsApp without backup. Just follow the below easy guides to get back what data you lost.

Part 1: How to Recover WhatsApp Data Directly from iPhone 7/7Plus/6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS?
If you don’t have a backup for lost WhatsApp data, no worries, here is the helpful tips to help you recover iPhone/iPad data easily and quickly.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. Launch UltData on your computerand select“Recover Data from iOS Device”.

Step 2: Tick on WhatsApp data and Start scanning.
scan whatsapp data

Step 3: After scanning, you are allowed to preview with the scanning result.

Step 4: Check the files you need and click “Recover” to recover accidently deleted your WhatsApp chat history.
recover deleted/lost whatsapp data

Part 2: Recover Deleted iPhone WhatsApp Chats from iTunes Backup File
if you have an iTunes backup, you can restore lost/deleted WhatsApp chat history from iTunes backup with the below simple steps.

Step 1: Choose“Recover from iTunes backup files” section and iPhone Data Recovery will automatically display all iTunes backup on this computer.
recover whatsapp from itunes backup

Step 2: Select the correct iTunes backup file where it stores your lost data and click Start Scan button.

Step 3: When the scanning process completes, you can pick up items selectively and click Recover button to recover from iTunes backup.

Part 3: How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Message from iCloud?
If you are lucky to have an iCloud backup for your iOS device data, it will be so easy to restore the lost and deleted files from iCloud backup.

Step 1: Switch to Recover from iCloud backup files, and sign into iCloud with your Apple ID account.

Step 2: Choose backup that contains your lost data from the listed backup files and click Next button.
recover whatsapp data from icloud

Step 3: Select WhatsApp file types for downloading and scanning and click Next button to start downloading these items from iCloud.
start to recover data from icloud backup

Step 4: Pick up items that you want to restore and click Recover button.

It’s wise to backup files in your iPhone/iPad regularly. But with Ultadata, you don’t need to worry about data loss. Just take it easy.

Top 3 Ways to Speed Up iPhone 7/7 Plus

It’s an extremely excited thing when you start using an iPhone 7/7 Plus, but it is a really annoying thing to accept its slower and slower performance. Generally, sluggish iPhone always is caused by large space occupation including music, videos, photos, etc. If you want to speed up iPhone 7/7 Plus, today these articles will cover a few helpful tips for you to make your iPhone/iPad run faster.

Part 1: Free Clean Up iPhone/iPad with iCarefone Cleaner

The first suggested way is about a free cleaner for iOS device. Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner is an amazing free iPhone/iPad cleaning & privacy protection assistant. As one of the best free iPhone clean master, this powerful iOS clean master is able to thoroughly clear out any unwanted files, greatly accelerate your iOS 10.3/10.2 running speed and protect your privacy security in every single way so that bring you a safer, faster and better iPhone experience.

Please follow the detailed tutorial to use iCareFone Cleaner to improve the speed performance on your iPhone.

How to Free Up Your iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus?

Step 1: Please download and install iCareFone Cleaner on your computer.

Step 2: Launch it after installed successfully. Then use the USB cable to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, to your Windows 10/8.1/8 computer.

Step 3: When the interface is displayed, you should click on the Start button to start scanning. scan iphone/ipad for cleaning Step 4: When the scan completed, you can choose the files to get them cleaned, including Junk Files, Temp Files, Photos, Large Files and Apps respectively. speed up iphone7/7 plus Part 2: Common Ways to Get Slow iPhone 7/7 Plus Run Faster?

Way 1: Remove all your apps running in the background

This is the easiest and most common method to solve slow iPhone. If you are running quite a lot of apps in the background, they will take a lot of RAM and make your iPhone 7/7 Plus run slow. Thing will get worse when you open a ‘RAM-hungry’ app.

Steps: Double-tap at the Home button>> Remove all the running apps in the background Way

2: Delete unused apps

To erase some unwanted apps that are occupied at some storage can be another good idea to speed up your iPhone/iPad. If you don’t use them, you are opposed to clean them for more space.

Steps: Press the icon of the app you want to delete>> Apps starts to wobble and an “X” appears in the top-left corner>>Click on “X” >> App will gone

If you have any other useful ways, please leave a comment under this article. It is really appreciated.

How to Fix Pop-up Apple ID Issue?

Many of iPhone users may encounter an annoying problem with mine. My Apple ID sometimes will pop up and ask me to enter my Apple ID after I change my password. It drives me nuts. Even when I enter my correct Apple ID, it is still not working. The embarrassing issue keeps interrupting.

Are you one of those who are faced with such an crazy problem?
“i ve change my appel id.. it asking me to enter my password for verification but it the wrong appel id.”

“I coulle of months ago I change my appel id…. now it asking me to enter my password but the appel id is the old one and it doesn’t work!! I have a pop up that comes every 1-2 min on my phone how can i remove it !?!”

I have found and tried on many online tips but this method below is highly recommended if you want to fix the pop-up Apple ID issues.

How to Delete/Remove your Apple ID on iPhone and iPad

ReiBoot is an iOS repair tool that can fix your iPhone/iPad/iPod issues within one click via two modes including Standard mode and Advanced mode. Not only can the password issues be solved, but also help you remove troubles if your iOS 10.3/10.2/10.1/9.3/9.2/9.1 devices stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, iTunes error, etc.

If you want to completely remove the annoying Apple ID, please follow the steps mentioned below. Please notice that you should have a backup for all of data in your iDevice before you start to use ReiBoot because it will fix your iPhone 7/ 7 plus/6s plus/6s/6 plus/6 and red iPhone 7 into a “new” device.

Step 1. Download and install it in your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2: Open it and click “Fix All iOS Stuck” and move to Advanced Mode( Please note that Advanced Mode will clear up all data in your device, so backup is essential).
start to remove apple id
Step 3. Continue to click on “Download” button to download the firmware package online. Or you can click “Copy” to complete.
download the firmware package to delete apple id
Step 4. Finally click on “Start Repair” to fix the pop-up Apple ID.
apple id issue fix
This amazing tool repairs my Apple ID problem with users-friendly interface at last. Well support iTunes 12.6 and iOS 10.3.