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Top 3 Tips for Recovering iPhone Deleted Data from iTunes or iCloud Backup

Why Do We Lose iPhone Data & How to Restore It?

how to restore iPhone data from backup

ios update killed data iPhone

There are many cases where we might lose the data from iPhone, including:

  • Repairs that require you to erase all data on phone
  • You may have erased the data (by accident or on purpose)
  • File corruption
  • iPhone iOS/software update

And so on…

We hate it to lose iPhone data, which is never a pleasant experience. Thus, restoring iPhone data becomes the hot discussed question. How to restore iPhone data? Indeed, many methods are introduced on the internet. Now, you, along with me, will learn how to restore iPhone from a backup. It is a fairly simple task that can have you up and running again in no time.

It is Possible to Restore from iPhone Backup

Each time your sync your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, the data, settings, and other information on the phone are automatically backed up. If you encounter a situation in which you need to restore, though, all you need to do is to download this back up to your phone again. iTunes and iCloud are two common points to restore iPhone data from. Let’s learn them respectively.

Tip 1: Restore iPhone Deleted Data from iTunes Backup

Before restoring your iPhone data from iTunes backup, you need to make sure iTunes won’t sync your empty iPhone. To disable iTunes automatic sync, go to Edit > Preferences > Devices > Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically>On.

Then connect your iPhone to the computer that you normally sync it to that contains the backup file (in most cases, this will be your normal computer. If you’re syncing to more than one machine, you should have backups on both computers. Just choose the computer with the backup you prefer).

Go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices. You will see a window with all of your backups listed on it. Click “Restore from Backup”.

Tip 2: Retrieve Deleted iPhone Files from iCloud Backup

iCloud will automatically back up the most important iPhone data under the Wi-Fi environment. You can backup iOS devices wirelessly and conveniently without tethering to a computer. So, many users prefer to backup to iCloud, if so, you can restore iPhone deleted files from iCloud backup.

1: On your iOS device, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If a newer version of iOS is available, follow the onscreen instructions to download and install it.

You must update your device to the latest version of iOS to make sure you can restore from a recent backup of another device, such as a lost or broken device.

2: Make sure you have a recent backup to restore from.

Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup, then look at the bottom of the screen for the message Last Backup, followed by the date of the latest backup.

For information about backing up manually now, see back up your iOS device to iCloud. If you don’t see a backup you expected to be there, see the Apple Support article iCloud: Troubleshooting restoring an iCloud backup.

Tip 3: Recover iPhone Deleted Data from iTunes or iCloud Backup with Third Party iPhone Data Recovery

restore iPhone from backup

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery










If the above two methods cannot work for you, you can try to restore lost data from backup via iPhone data recovery software. It allows you to restore iPhone from iTunes or iCloud backup even you don’t your iPhone or other iOS device on hand.

It is easy to use and no need of any professional skills to perform. You just need to follow the on-screen guide. Have a try if needed.

Easy and Efficient Way to Recover Data after iPhone Factory Reset

how to recover data after factory reset

factory reset

What is iPhone Factory Reset?

As we know, if iPhone is locked with unknown or forgotten passcode, the great free way to unlock it is to reset iPhone to factory settings. Then your iPhone is like a brand new one, all your personal data and settings saves on your iPhone are erased by this operation. When it comes to bypassing password, it is great! But it is not the truth when the erased data are important for you.

This is also ideal if you plan on selling an iPhone or are going to transfer ownership of the device to another individual, and it can also be a very helpful troubleshooting technique for some persistent iOS based software problems.

However, when your iPhone data is erased mistakenly by factory setting, don’t be panic! You can recover the erased data. Always, it is recommended to backup data before factory settings with iTunes, iCloud, 3-rd party software. Learn how to backup iPhone data before factory reset.

How to Recover iPhone Data Erased by Accidental Factory Reset?

If you don’t want to factory reset your iPhone or don’t know that factory reset will erase all data, but still do the stupid thing. Then what you care about is how I can restore data erased in iPhone factory settings. And in general, you didn’t make a backup in this case. Don’t worry anyway. iPhone data recovery can retrieve data without iPhone backup. Of course, you can restore from backup if you have an iTunes backup made before.

Part 1: Restore Erased Data after iPhone Factory Reset from Backup

This iPhone data recovery software provides two recovery modes – If you have iTunes backup, you can choose the “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” mode; If you don’t have iTunes backup, choose “Recover Data from iOS Devices”.

Since iPhone data recovery is not an application run on iPhone, so you need to download and install this iPhone data recovery software on your computer firstly. For Mac and windows users, there are different versions.

iPhone data recovery for windows

iPhone data recovery for Mac

Now let’s go to the operating steps:

The first step: Scan your iTunes backup file. When launch the program, you will see a list of iOS devices ever backed up with this iTunes. Highlight your device according to the name you specify it. Then “Start Scan”.

The second step: Preview your iPhone data in the preview pane in the right side of the preview interface. All the recoverable files are listed in categories in the left side. Click a specific item to preview the detailed information.

The third step: Recover your iPhone files with one click. After the preview, when you confirmed and marked the files you want to restore, press “Recover” button.

The last step: Specify a location for the recovered files to complete the restoration.

Part 2: Recover Erased Data from iPhone without Backup after Factory Settings

The first step: Connect your iPhone to PC with a digital cable.

The second step: Start to scan your contents ever stored on your iPhone.

The third step: Preview contents on your iPhone in the preview pane.

The fourth step: Recover your iPhone files optionally.

The last step: Specify a specific location for the recovered iPhone data.

So if you or your friends reset iPhone to factory settings by mistake, don’t worry anymore. The data won’t be gone forever.

How to Backup and Restore iPhone from iTunes before Jailbreak

What is iTunes?

As an iPhone user, we have no excuse to know nothing about iTunes. Briefly, iTunes is the home to all things entertaining. It is the easiest way to enjoy the music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books you’ve already got — and shop for the ones you want to get. Is it just the platform that let you entertain? No, it is more than this! By the way, let’s know more about iTunes.

iTunes Radio

iTunes radio

iTunes radio

Maybe after Apple’s keynote at WWDC 2013, all anyone could talk about was iOS 7. All we talk about is when iOS 7 beta is released, how to install iOS 7 beta on iPhone and when will official iOS 7 will release and so on.

Unfortunately, we disregarded another important announcement from the event: iTunes Radio, the company’s foray into online music streaming.

Like Pandora, iTunes Radio tracks what a person listens to over the air. However, it can also see what he or she downloads from iTunes. If the team behind iTunes Radio thinks the way other online radio listeners do, they’ll know what to stream based on that listener’s downloads. Online radio is a discovery and testing ground, but our libraries are for keeps. The more music we hear that’s like the music we own, the more we’ll use the service, leading to more purchases on iTunes. And because it will have access to years of previous iTunes purchases, it means fine tuning a station won’t have to be done from scratch the way it is with Pandora. iTunes Radio will know a listener’s tastes from day one.

Learn more about iTunes Radio:

What iTunes Can Do for Us besides Entertainment?

Just as I have said before, iTunes is absolutely more than a platform that gives us entertainment only. We should use it for more. Before jailbreak or iOS update, or other adventurous operation, we always worry about the iPhone data loss. So how can we avoid the data loss? Today, I will tell you something about iTunes backup and restore. When we use iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or other iOS device, we will install iTunes on our computer, and every time we connect our device to computer, iTunes will prompt us to make an iTunes backup if we didn’t disable the automatic sync option.

As a matter of fact, since our iPhone or other mobile device houses so much important personal information, we must keep a good habit to backup our data regularly and frequently. Do you know how to backup iPhone data with iTunes? Let’s see it together.

How to Back Up iPhone with iTunes?

When you sync with iTunes and right-click (or Control-click) the iOS device in iTunes under Devices and choose “Back Up, iTunes will create backups of your iOS device automatically. Note that if you have iCloud backup turned on, iTunes backup will be disabled.

Of course, when you want to make manual iTunes backup, you can follow the steps below:

1. Connect your iOS device to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed.

2. Click the “File” menu and select “Devices > Back up”.


1. Connect your iOS device (iPhone) to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed.

2. Open the iOS device’s Summary tab.

3. Click the “Back Up Now” button.

Tip: To verify that the backup finished successfully, open iTunes Preferences and select the Devices tab. The name of the device will appear along with the date and time the backup was created.

iPhone backup and restore

backup iPhone with iTunes

Now that we have learnt how to backup our iPhone with iTunes, we should learn how to restore from iTunes backup when iPhone data is lost.

How to Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup?

Due to accidental reasons, we may lose iPhone data unfortunately. Then we can restore iPhone from the backup we ever made. Here is the iTunes backup location.

To restore information from a backup, use one of the following methods after connecting your iOS device to the computer with which you normally sync:

Method 1: Click the “File” menu and select “Devices > Restore from Back up”.


Method 2: Open the iOS device’s Summary tab then click the “Restore Backup” button.

Note: There are two ways to access Summary tab:

1. Click the device button in the upper right corner. (If viewing the iTunes Store, click the Library button in the upper right corner. The device button will then be visible.)

2. From any view in iTunes, click the “View“ menu and select “Show Sidebar“. Select your iOS device in iTunes under “Devices“.

How about you have no backup but still lose iPhone data or in the worst case, you lost your iPhone and only have iTunes backup? Then you have no iPhone to connect with iTunes. Let alone restore from iTunes backup. Don’t worry, we have measure to restore your iPhone data. We can use a piece of professional software – data recovery for iPhone, which can restore data directly from iPhone without backup or restore data from iTunes backup without iPhone.

Correspondingly, iPhone data recovery provides two recovery modes- Recover Data from iOS Device & Recover Data from iTunes Backup File.

Read more:

Learn more about iPhone backup, you can lick here. Here provide more methods about iOS device backup.

How to Restore iPhone Backup From iTunes, Not iCloud Backup

restore iPhone backup

restore iPhone data

How much do you know about iCloud backup? If you did iTunes backup and encrypt backup, how to unlock?

iCloud allows backup & restoring the iPhone contents over Wi-Fi/3 G to your cloud having a registered Apple account. iCloud backups the photos, application data, device settings, messages and mail, etc. iCloud services were unveiled in give you a computer free backup solution. It acts as a remote backup service and allows moving data seamlessly between different Apple devices like Mac, iPod and iPad. iCloud offer services in order to the lost phone, lock it remotely and wipe the information remotely. iCloud limits the free backup storage to Giga Bytes. However additional iCloud data storage can be acquired if you are paying annual fees to Apple. iCloud uses a secure token for authentication and secures the content by encrypting it when sent on the internet. Usage of a secure token for authentication eliminates the call to store iCloud password on devices. Apple also claims that, every one of the iCloud data except the emails and notes is stored encrypted on disk using 128 bit encryption algorithm. Encrypted data stored about the disk is decrypted around the fly when requested from an authentication device. Data stored within the iCloud will also be copied to your computer and more details are available at Apple documentation.

iCloud data is effectively safe from hackers as Apple affords the best authentication mechanism by enforcing the users to utilize strong passwords, which could steer clear of the brute force attacks. Given that anyone works on the strong password, information stored on the iCloud is safe.

Well, if we apple iPhone 5 users did not opt for iCloud backup, but backup idevice from iTunes. One day, they forgot the iTunes backup password!

How should they get password to restore iPhone backup from iTunes?

The most efficient way is to use software “iPhone Backup Password Recovery” to help restore iPhone backup!

1. Download iPhone Backup Password Unlocker Tool from and import encrypted backup file.

2. Choose attack method to restore iPhone backup password.

3. easy to restore iPhone data.

Also, we can try to shut everything down, “Restore iPhone” from iTunes. This time it seems like to sync everything since it should, without asking for your password strength. Alas, the unit is stuck on the screen saying “hook up with iTunes.” Certainly, it’s already connected. Disconnect/reconnecting, pressing sync, pressing Copy Now, changing setting all make message briefly changing to “associated with iTunes” the changing back to “get connected to iTunes.” Power-cycling the device changes nothing.

Reset the iPhone 5 and tried “Restore iPhone” again. Now the iPhone 5 actually works, but all my setting on the last 4-5yrs is lost: countless application passwords, network settings, customized ringtones, my sons’ saved games and scores, default contact numbers. After hours when trying to enter preferences and data manually, I’m still running into missing information I have not yet restored. Needless to say, I’m petrified of actually parting using the old phone, as more than in the event the best way to properly restore some settings has been to look them up on the existing iPhone.

Read Video on How to Restore iPhone Backup!

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