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How to Install the New Apple iOS 7 Beta 6 on Your iPhone and iPad

how to install ios 7

iOS 7 Beta 6


Full Change for iOS 7 Beta 6

With less than a month left, Apple will finally take the wraps off of its next-generation iPhone 5S and possibly the “iPhone 5C” as well. Plus, there’s much left to unwrap — the all new iOS 7. However, the company has released Beta 1 to Beta 6 for a short time. Now the newest beta is iOS 7 Beta 6, which will likely be its final iOS 7 beta. The iOS 7 beta 6 change log was also just released.

How to Install iOS 7 Beta 6 on Your iPhone/iPad?

Downloading and installing Apple’s iOS 7 Beta on your iPhone or iPad can be a difficult task, but we will try to make it as simple as possible and best of all we will help you do this for free.

This tutorial will show you how to get the iOS 7 beta for free, however, before carrying on, I will highly emphasize one thing – iOS 7 is still in beta which means it will be buggy, if you don’t want to use buggy software on your personal devices, you’d better not install it on your iPhone or iPad.

One more thing to note is that if you have jailbroken your iPhone/iPad, you will definitely loose your jailbreak with this method. Ultimately, the decision to put the software on iPhone/iPad is up to you of course.

Note: Before doing anything adventurous, it is always advised to back up your iPhone to your computer. You have more than one choice to backup your iPhone data. iTunes and iCloud backup is free, and third party tool backup is more powerful and visible. You can learn more about iPhone backup from the link above. Now let’s start to the iOS 7 Beta 6 downloading and installing.

Step 1. Get the Required Software

Get the download from, but make sure you download the right file for your phone. Also be sure to note if the device is CDMA or GSM. Save the file somewhere, and remember the location.

Step 2. Download iOS 7

You can download the Apple iOS 7 Beta from:

Make sure to download the beta file that belongs with your exact phone model. Also save this file somewhere easy to find.

Step 3. Connect Your iPhone/iPad to iTunes

Connect your device with an USB cable and open up iTunes. Once you see your device appear on screen, hold the “Shift” key on Windows or the “Alt/Option” key on Mac, then click “Restore.” This allows you to manually select what version of iOS you want to install. Be sure to choose the version of iOS 7 Beta 6 you downloaded in step 2 (also very important).

Step 4.Go through the Menus

Once your device is recognized again, in iTunes click “Set up as new” and NOT “Restore from the backup.” Then hit “continue”; also make your way through the menus on your iDevice to get to the homescreen.

Step 5. Check for Update

Once your device is on screen again, similar to step 3, hold the Shift key on Windows, Alt/Option key on Mac and click on “Check for Update”. Now we will choose to install the iOS 7 Beta that we obtained in step 2. Click update.

After waiting for a bit while, you should be Successful!

Once your device has finished installing the Beta and restarted itself, new lock screen and home screen will display on your iPhone. Now your iPhone is looks like new, it’s the time to add back your data from the backup. This guide may help you – How to restore iPhone from iTunes backup.

Once that’s completed, you can enjoy your new iOS 7 iPhone or iPad.

How to Access Files on Locked iPhone

“I have locked up my iPhone 4 because I forgot the password, and I would like to know how can I unlock it from iTunes.  It says “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes”. Well, I connected it to iTunes and it won’t do anything because it says it is locked up, which I know, and can’t access it until I unlock it. So can I get some kind of help?”

Many iPhone users have encountered such a question but want to access the files. This article will give you some methods to access files on locked iPhone.


What Should You Do to Access the Files on Locked iPhone?

Firstly, you may want to how to bypass the password so that you can use your iPhone freely. To do this, there are two methods: Enter Your iPhone into DFU mode & Acess Your iPhone into Recovery Mode.

Then you may wonder, will this erase the data on your iPhone? Now I will tell you that there is actually a chance for iPhone data loss. So you should backup your iPhone data before carrying on. Here I will recommend you a tool to make backup which can be accessed directly. It is iPhone Data Recovery.


Part 1: Backup Your Data with Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

Though your iPhone is locked, you can backup your iPhone files with iPhone Data Recovery. Of course, if you have a back made in iTunes, it is more certainly that you can extract the data from iTunes backup, regardless the password used to lock your iPhone screen.

Below I will describe the steps to backup files from iPhone directly. Extracting data from iTunes backup is similar yet easier.

Download iPhone Data Recovery and install it on your PC. Run it, then follow the following steps.

Firstly # Connect your iOS device with your PC then choose the option “Recover Data from iOS Device”. If you hold an iPhone 4/3GS, you need to enter DFU mode.

Secondly # Scan your device through a communicating process.

Next # Preview your files in the left of the program. Mark the ones that you want to make a backup for, then click “Recover” button.

Finally # Specify a saving location for your backed up files.

Now all your important files such as contacts, text messages, photos, call history and so on are all saved safely on your computer. You can clear your iPhone password securely.

Learn more about how to backup your iPhone, please look up to this article.


Part 2: Bypass Password on Locked iPhone

Method 1: Enter Your iPhone into DFU mode

  1. Turn off iPhone by pressing “Home” and “Power” button for 5 seconds
  2. Keep holding “Home” and “Power” button for 10 seconds.
  3. Release “Power” button and keep holding “Home” for 15 seconds.

Method 2: Access Your iPhone into Recovery Mode

1. Disconnect your iPhone and turn it off by holding the “Sleep/Wake” button for about five seconds and then sliding the red slider. If your iPhone is already off, there’s no need to turn it on and then off again.

2. Once it’s off, press and hold the “Home” button and plug your iPhone into a Mac or PC with iTunes installed.

3. Keep holding the “Home” button until you see a dock cable pointing to the iTunes icon. iPhones running older software will display a yellow triangle and text which says “Please Connect to iTunes”. Once you see this image, you can release the Home button.

4. Open iTunes (if it’s not already open) and you will be told that “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.”

5. Click “OK” and you will be taken to the iPhone pane.

6. Click “Restore” and you’re done, it’s that easy! Depending on the extent of your iPhone’s ills, it may take some time to do a full restore. Once you’re done, you should again have a perfectly working iPhone.

Now you have wiped out the password on your iPhone. It is now like a brand new one.


How to Restore iPhone Data from iTunes Backup

It is Easy to Restore Your iPhone Data from iTunes Backup

how to restore iPhone from backup

restore iPhone files from iTunes backup

Restoring your iPhone from a previous backup is really easy, so if you’re new to the process of backups and restoration, don’t let the tech sounding nature make you shy away.

Today, it is so easy to lose iPhone data due to various reasons. So always doing a backup for your iPhone in iTunes is a really wise idea and behavior. Then whenever you lose your iPhone data, you can restore it from iTunes backup easily and quickly.

Note: If you notice that the last synced time is not particularly recent, you just need to backup your iPhone more often! Keeping frequent backups is a good idea across all devices, whether it’s your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or whatever.

How to Restore Lost Files from iPhone Backup?

Generally, there are many data recovery tools for choice, but where can you get a proper and reliable tool? iPhone Data Recovery can be such a reliable and efficient one. Now let’s learn how to use it. Never think that you are a green 1 and dare not to use this iPhone data recovery tool. It is so simple that need no special skills to use. Anyone can successfully operate it according to the following simple steps or the prompting steps in the program itself.

The first step: Scan your iTunes backup file. When launch the program, you will see a list of iOS devices ever backed up with this iTunes. Highlight your device according to the name you specify it. Then “Start Scan”.

The second step: Preview your iPhone data in the preview pane in the right side of the preview interface. All the recoverable files are listed in categories in the left side. Click a specific item to preview the detailed information.

The third step: Recover your iPhone files with one click. After the preview, when you confirmed and marked the files you want to restore, press “Recover” button.

The last step: specify a location for the recovered files to complete the restoration.

What If You Never Made a Backup for Your iPhone?

Some people may wonder, what if I didn’t make a backup before? That is just as easy as the data recovery from backup! iPhone Data Recovery also has the function to restore iPhone data without backup.

In the main interface of this tool, you may have noticed the “Recover Data from iOS Device”. That is just the right mode to restore iPhone form backup. Let’s see how.

The first step: Connect your iPhone (No matter what model you hold, such as iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3) with an USB cable.

The Second step (this is not needed for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S users): Enter your iPhone 4/3GS/3 into DFU mode.

The third step: Start to scan your iPhone files.

The fourth step: Preview and recover the recoverable files in your iPhone.

The last step: After you press the “Recover” button, a window will pop up for a location of these recovered files. Remember to specify a proper one for it.

Tips: Here’s how to restore your iPhone from a backup using iTunes built-in recovery function.

* Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes

* Right-Click on the iPhone and select “Restore from Backup”

* You’ll see the “Last Synced” time and iPhone name

* Click ‘Restore’

Be aware that this process restores the contacts, calendars, notes, text messages, and settings, it does not revert to prior iPhone firmware or baseband nor does it wipe the iPhone and restore all factory settings.

How to Delete Encrypted Password on iPhone Backup

“Forgot the iTunes backup password! I don’t know when I did hit a hook! Jailbreak prompts a backup password! Please help!! How to delete encrypted password on iPhone backup? ”
Apple iPhone users always have the same or similar question as above. Is there a way to solve this problem? Read on to check it!


How to Set a Password in iTunes?

If you want iTunes to encrypt the information stored on the computer at the time of iTunes sync, it is easy! All you need to do is to select iPhone backup encryption at the iTunes summary. Encrypted backup is showed as a padlock icon, and it will need a password to enter and restore the data to iPhone.

From my perspective (this is what I always do), you’d better write down the backup password on your notebook. And you can prepare a book to particularly preserve various passwords. Then in the future, though you forget your password, you can look up this password book.

If you are using a Mac, you can choose to set a password stored in the keychain. Using iOS 4 and later, backup encryption, you can transfer the keychain backup to a new device.

When iPhone Backup Password is Lost, How to Remove it?

Note: If your iPhone backup is encrypted and the password is wrong when entering the backup file, you will not be able to restore your iPhone backup file from iTunes backup. However, you can continue to make backup or copy the backup to another place.

If you can’t remember your password and want to restore iPhone from backup, you just need a fast iPhone backup password remover. iPhone backup password remover brings us great hope! We will never worry about accidents like “backup password forgotten”.

Steps to Remove Encrypted Password on iPhone Backup

The first step: Download iPhone Backup Unlocker and set up the tool on your PC. Run it, the interface will prompt you to import encrypted backup file. Just click “Open” to complete the file importing.
The second step: Choose a proper attack strategy to remove password
Three sorts of attack types are supported. We can choose any one on our own needs. They are: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack.
The third step: Start to remove iTunes backup password
Within a few minutes or seconds, we will regain the password. It will display in the File Opening Password box.

Then everything is easy now! You can use your iPhone backup freely again.

Note that Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker can also be applied to iPad, iPod, iTunes, etc! It is really our life-saver to remove iPhone backup password! Apple iPhone backup file password crack is no longer possible!

More information: see this video – iPhone backup password recovery for windows


Lost Friends’ Phone Number? The Reliable Solution to Recover Contacts from Your iPhone?

how to recover contacts from iPhone

recover iPhone contacts


Can Deleted Contact Be Recovered from iPhone?

As is known to all, iPhone has quite different storage mechanism from other smart-phone. For example, the iPhone 4S is available in three sizes: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. All data is stored on the internal flash drive other than expanded storage through a memory card slot, or the SIM card etc.

So is it impossible to recover iPhone contacts once removed by accident? The answer is absolutely no!

Actually, there is more than one way to recover your iPhone contacts. For example, if you make full use of iTunes’ sync function, you may have a recent iTunes backup, so you can recover the contacts from iTunes backup. As to the worst, you don’t have an iTunes backup. You can still recover contacts from iPhone without backup.

How to Retrieve Your iPhone Contacts?

As is mentioned above, more than one way to recover your iPhone contacts! iTunes backup is certainly a good stuff for your iPhone contacts restoration. But it still has its downside – iTunes backup files can’t be viewed or taken out directly from the computer disk. They will be backed up by iTunes and stored as a .sqlitedb file. Unless you use some specialized third-party utility, can you extract the contacts in the iTunes backup.

That’s the reason why the great iPhone Contact Recovery software is designed.

What is the iPhone Contacts Recovery on Earth?

 restore iPhone contacts without backup

iPhone Contact Recovery

iPhone Contacts Recovery is a piece of software that is aimed to help iPhone users out of iPhone contacts loss accident. It offers iPhone Users with two recovery modes to get contacts back on iPhone. Let’s learn the two modes respectively.

Mode 1: Recover Contacts from iPhone without iTunes Backup

This iPhone contact recovery software is so powerful that can recover contacts directly from device. Now see the simple using steps as below.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with your PC via an USB connector. Initiate iPhone Data Recoevery that you installed just now.

Step 2: Enter DFU mode if you are an iPhone 4/3GS/3 user. If you hold an iPhone 5/4S, this step is needless. Go to step 3 directly.

Step 3: Start scan your iPhone contacts through a communication process. This process may take you a few while, please wait patiently!

Step 4: Preview and recover iPhone contacts selectively. This iPhone Data Recovery allows you to retrieve iPhone contacts on your own need. The ones you don’t want to recover won’t be marked to recover.

Specify a proper location and file format for the recovered iPhone contacts on your computer disk.

Mode 2: Recover iPhone Contacts from iTunes Backup

This recovery mode only recovers the iPhone contacts since your last backup. If you add new phone number after the lat sync, the new numbers can’t be recovered yet. That’s why I always advice the mode 1 as your first choice. Now let’s learn how to recover contact from iPhone backup:

Step 1: Download and scan the iPhone contacts of your backup.

Step 2: Preview your iPhone contacts in the preview window.

Step 3: Recover your iPhone contacts accordingly.

Note: If you want to see the backup file, you can follow the path below according to your computer OS:

  • Windows XP and the former

C:\Documents and Settings\ Administrator\ Application Data\ Apple Computer\ MobileSync\ Backup\

  • Windows 8/7/Vista

C:\Users\ Administrator\ AppData\Roaming\ Apple Computer\ MobileSync\ Backup\

  • Mac

~Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

And the contacts saved as this filename in the backup:


If your iTunes backup was encrypted, you need to enter the backup password before the recovery. Forgot iPhone backup password? Don’t worry! You can use iPhone Backup Unlocker to find the password.

The video for iPhone Contact Recovery:

The video for iPhone Backup Unlocker: