Fix iPhone Recovery Mode without Restoring and Losing Data – Tenorshare ReiBoot Helps You!

iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode after iOS 7 Update!

iPhone recovery mode stuck after update

iPhone Recovery Mode

I updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 7.0.4. The process is successful until I realized that my iPhone is stuck on Recovery Mode (Connect to iTunes on the interface). Who can help me restore my iPhone 5 from recovery mode? I don’t want to lose my data.

When this happens, you may search the internet for methods. Most of them tell you how to get iPhone out recovery mode. Most of them are with 3-4 steps and iTunes is needed to complete this operation. And the worst method is to restore your iPhone to factory setting which will lose data and settings on iPhone as we all know.

The same point is that the way is a little complicated as well as to lose data. Now, here we provide you with a way to restore your iPhone from recovery mode with one click.

Why Will You Love ReiBoot to Exit iPhone Recovery Mode?

Well, though we can find many methods on google to get your iPhone out of recovery mode, there is no one like this simple. It is outstanding with the below features:

1: Only one click instead of complicated operation with home/power button and iTunes to complete this.

2: You don’t need to restore your iPhone as new device so that no data loss during this process.

3: You can even perform it when iPhone home or power button is not working or iTunes can’t recognize your iPhone or other iDevices.

And more… You are strong enough to explore more features to prove its outstanding by trying it by yourself.

How to Use this iPhone Recovery Mode Fix Tool?

It is just so simple and anyone can perform it even totally green-phone-users. As you download and install it on your computer. Run the computer, you will find its simple interface yet fantastic power. Download for your system. Tenorshare ReiBoot for Windows

For Mac:

Extra Tips

This ReiBoot is also helpful when iPhone stuck on apple logo, white/blank screen, DFU mode, reboot loop. Or if you failed to restore or reboot, you can also try it.

And if you are unfortunate to lose data, refer to this post: Reover lost data on iPhone

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