How to Install the New Apple iOS 7 Beta 6 on Your iPhone and iPad

how to install ios 7

iOS 7 Beta 6


Full Change for iOS 7 Beta 6

With less than a month left, Apple will finally take the wraps off of its next-generation iPhone 5S and possibly the “iPhone 5C” as well. Plus, there’s much left to unwrap — the all new iOS 7. However, the company has released Beta 1 to Beta 6 for a short time. Now the newest beta is iOS 7 Beta 6, which will likely be its final iOS 7 beta. The iOS 7 beta 6 change log was also just released.

How to Install iOS 7 Beta 6 on Your iPhone/iPad?

Downloading and installing Apple’s iOS 7 Beta on your iPhone or iPad can be a difficult task, but we will try to make it as simple as possible and best of all we will help you do this for free.

This tutorial will show you how to get the iOS 7 beta for free, however, before carrying on, I will highly emphasize one thing – iOS 7 is still in beta which means it will be buggy, if you don’t want to use buggy software on your personal devices, you’d better not install it on your iPhone or iPad.

One more thing to note is that if you have jailbroken your iPhone/iPad, you will definitely loose your jailbreak with this method. Ultimately, the decision to put the software on iPhone/iPad is up to you of course.

Note: Before doing anything adventurous, it is always advised to back up your iPhone to your computer. You have more than one choice to backup your iPhone data. iTunes and iCloud backup is free, and third party tool backup is more powerful and visible. You can learn more about iPhone backup from the link above. Now let’s start to the iOS 7 Beta 6 downloading and installing.

Step 1. Get the Required Software

Get the download from, but make sure you download the right file for your phone. Also be sure to note if the device is CDMA or GSM. Save the file somewhere, and remember the location.

Step 2. Download iOS 7

You can download the Apple iOS 7 Beta from:

Make sure to download the beta file that belongs with your exact phone model. Also save this file somewhere easy to find.

Step 3. Connect Your iPhone/iPad to iTunes

Connect your device with an USB cable and open up iTunes. Once you see your device appear on screen, hold the “Shift” key on Windows or the “Alt/Option” key on Mac, then click “Restore.” This allows you to manually select what version of iOS you want to install. Be sure to choose the version of iOS 7 Beta 6 you downloaded in step 2 (also very important).

Step 4.Go through the Menus

Once your device is recognized again, in iTunes click “Set up as new” and NOT “Restore from the backup.” Then hit “continue”; also make your way through the menus on your iDevice to get to the homescreen.

Step 5. Check for Update

Once your device is on screen again, similar to step 3, hold the Shift key on Windows, Alt/Option key on Mac and click on “Check for Update”. Now we will choose to install the iOS 7 Beta that we obtained in step 2. Click update.

After waiting for a bit while, you should be Successful!

Once your device has finished installing the Beta and restarted itself, new lock screen and home screen will display on your iPhone. Now your iPhone is looks like new, it’s the time to add back your data from the backup. This guide may help you – How to restore iPhone from iTunes backup.

Once that’s completed, you can enjoy your new iOS 7 iPhone or iPad.

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