How to Recover Deleted Contacts after iPhone Factory Restore

All Contacts Gone after iPhone Restore!

I’m another victim of the iOS 7.0.4 update, locked into “Recovery Mode”. My PC wouldn’t recognize my phone so I used my wife’s PC laptop to do a restore.

Once my phone was operational again, I connected back to my PC and got my music apps and photos, but can’t seem to recover my contacts, all my iPhone contacts are gone.

When I click on the “INFO” tab it asks if I want to sync with several different things like “OUTLOOK”, Windows address book, google contacts, etc. I tried “Outlook” as that seemed to be the default, but my phone is showing no contacts.

Any help would be appreciated! I hope I haven’t lost them!

iphone contacts disappeared

iPhone Contacts Recovery

How to Retrieve iPhone Contacts after Restore?

Every time you restore your iPhone to factory reset, you’d better backup your iPhone so that you can restore your iPhone from the backup. However, if you didn’t make backup or iTunes didn’t let you make backup, don’t be desperate, you can restore iPhone data without backup. So let’s see more details about recovering iPhone contacts in different situations.

Part 1: Restore iPhone Contacts from iTunes – Free and Simple!

Just as was said before, if you backed up your iPhone before restore, go to iTunes and restore your iPhone from the backup, all the data including contacts, photos, messages and so on can be restored to your iPhone as it was before.

It is simple to operate iPhone contacts recovery from iTunes: Go to iTunes >Preferences >Devices. Scroll down to “Restore from Backup”, click it, then disconnect your iPhone with iTunes, go back to check the contacts.

Part 2: Recover Erased Contacts from iPhone without Backup

However, in the cases where you didn’t or can’t make a backup, you still have chances to get the contacts back on your iPhone without backup. What you need to be noticed is that you had better stop using your iPhone since you found your contacts were gone because the space might be overwritten if you continue to use it. Once the space is overwritten, the contacts will be gone forever.

How to recover contacts if you have no backup? That is easy, iPhone data recovery software can help you.

Needed Tool: iPhone Data Recovery Software, your iPhone which can be recognized by computer, digital cable of your iPhone, a computer (both windows and Mac are OK) to run the iPhone data recovery software.

Required Time: Several Minutes generally


Step 1: Download the specified iPhone data recovery in the above then install and run it on our computer. Note that you need to download different package for windows and Mac respectively.

For Mac, you need to get iPhone data recovery for Mac

Step 2: Connect your iPhone with your computer

Step 3: Then the program will start to scan your iPhone contacts

Step 4: Preview and recover your iPhone files including contacts and other more

Step 5: Specify a location for your recovered iPhone contacts

Extra Tip: Fix iPhone Recovery Mode after iPhone Update

As in the case of this article, many iPhone users stuck into Recovery Mode after iPhone iOS update. I will recommend you a free and easy tool to get out of this recovery mode. No need of iTunes and iPhone home/lock button. Just a free tool called ReiBoot is needed. You can learn more from: Fix iPhone Recovery Mode without losing data.

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