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iPhone 5S


When Will iPhone 5S/6 be Coming?

Apple may be launching a second basic iPhone model for the first time this year, but most fans are still looking forward to the release date comes sooner. Earlier this year, I have heard that iPhone 5S would come at 29th June. But it didn’t come indeed. So when will it come actually? There are many rumors. But the most popular and authoritative saying is fall, maybe September or sometime else. Wait, guys. Maybe the next generation iPhone is not the successor to iPhone 5. That is also the reason why I said about “a second basic iPhone model” in the first line of this paragraph.

Now we let what the next generation iPhone is alone – iPhone 5S (the successor) or iPhone 6 (the new basic one). We pay our attention to what improvement will be packed with the next generation iPhone (We call it iPhone 5S the time being).


What Are the New Features Of iPhone 5S?

Unlike the budget iPhone, the iPhone 5S is expected to look exactly likethe iPhone 5, but it will arrive with top-of-the-line features and specs. We’ve been tracking news and rumors about the iPhone 5S for the most part of this year. Thanks to the recent surge of convincing iPhone leaks and images, we have a much better picture of what Apple will release in the iPhone 5S. See them below.

1. A7 processor

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A7 processor


It is said that a new A7 chip rather than a modification of the A6 chip currently featured in the iPhone 5 will be adopted in iPhone 5S. The Apple model number of the iPhone 5S chip is APL0698; the A6 chip in the iPhone 5 model is number APL0598, and the A6X chip featured in the fourth-generation iPad was model number APL5598.


Apple has a tradition of chip model number progression: The A5 chip, featured in the iPad 2 and iPad mini, debuted with an APL0498 model number. A5 changed the model number to APL2498. According to many pictures leaked in moat forums, this chip used in iPhone 5S has never been used before and is indeed an A7 chip.

2. Upgraded Battery

For the most part, the inside specs of the iPhone 5S resemble those of the iPhone 5, but we definitely noticed that Apple gave its battery a slight upgrade. The 3.8-volt lithium-ion polymer battery in the iPhone 5S looks to have a capacity of 5.92 Whr, compared to the 5.45 Whr in the iPhone 5.

3. Slow-motion Camera

The new iOS 7 contains code for a new feature called “Mogul,” which won’t activate on the iPhone 5 due to “unsupported hardware,” suggesting the software is made specifically for a future iPhone, this is actually the so-called iPhone 5S. Just like Siri was exclusive to the iPhone 4S, the new Mogul feature looks to be exclusive to the iPhone 5S.

What Will Mogul Bring for Us?

Mogul will allow the iPhone 5S to capture video at “an exceptionally fast and precise rate,” indicating a potential recording rate of 120 frames-per-second. It seems like the Mogul feature in the iPhone 5S will support slow-motion video, since slow-motion effects require frames to be captured at a fast rate, which then appear slowed down when the video is replayed at a standard speed.

4. Fingerprint Sensor

Earlier in this year, it has been rumored that the “S” in the “iPhone 5S” stands for “security,” as a matter of fact, “Smart Sensor,” is likely what Apple was after.

At just 3mm high and 1.3mm thick, AuthenTec’s first Smart Sensor, which was announced in May crams a 500 ppi, 192×8 pixel detection matrix and all the fingerprint matching technology necessary to accurately and securely detect and encrypt data about your finger.

AuthenTec’s technology is so smart, it can differentiate your fingers so as to associate different functions with those fingers. For example, you can use different fingers to play music, or ask for directions, or call a particular contact. So the fingerprint sensor may allow the iPhone 5S to automatically authenticate one’s identity.


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