Easy and Quick iPhone 5s Data Recovery – Recover Deleted or Lost Files from iPhone

how to restore iPhone 5s data from iTunes backup

iPhone 5s Data Lost Due to Various Reasons

With the new iPhone 5s on hand, some users have encountered the following problems: Mistakenly deleted data in iPhone 5S, data lost from iPhone 5S during iOS upgrade, data loss due to iPhone repairing and iPhone factory resetting or system corruption.

Can I Recover Deleted Files from iPhone 5S?

Don’t worry. The deleted files are still on your iPhone 5S as long as the space is not overwritten and you’re likely to retrieve it with the help of iPhone 5S data recovery software. Since the data can probably be overwritten by new data on your iPhone, you should stop using your iPhone 5S or turn it into flight mode to avoid being overwritten.

How to Retrieve Lost Data from iPhone 5S?

As we know, iPhone 5s is packed with iOS 7, so the iPhone data recovery should support to recover data on iOS 7 in order to work on iPhone 5s. As the Ios 7 was launched, Tenorshare updated its iPhone data recovery to support iOS 7, it is able to recover data on iPhone 5s, 5c or other models.

It is a perfect program to recover files from iPhone 5S. No matter how your data lost, it can effortlessly recover the lost data for you. This Mac & Windows compatible tool is able to recover up to 15 file types of data from your iPhone 5s, including text messages, contacts, photos, videos, notes, Safari bookmarks, tango messages, WhatsApp messages and more.

Simple Guide of iPhone 5S Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery provided you with 3 recovery strategies: Recover data from iOS Devices; Recover data from iTunes backup; Recover data from iCloud backup. Here we take the first option as an example to demonstrate how to recover iPhone lost data using Tenorshare iPhone data recovery software.

Step 1: Download iPhone 5S data recovery from official site and install it on your computer. If you are using a MacBook, switch the page to Mac version.

Step 2: Run the program and connect your iPhone 5s to it. The device will detect iOS device automatically.

Step 3: Click “Start Scan” to scan your iPhone 5s files such as call history, contacts, messages, photos, notes, calendar events, camera roll and so on.

Step 4: When scan is done, you are allowed to preview the files. Click the specific item, you can preview the detailed information of the file.

Step 5: Choose what you need and press “Recover” button. Then specify a save path in the pop up window.

You can also choose the other two options by reading the product guide in detail if needed.

For Mac user, please get free trial download of iPhone 5s data recovery here.

Learn more about iPhone 5s data recovery, click here.

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