After Updating My iPhone 4S Then Everything Gets Deleted! And What’s Encrypt iPhone Backup?

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After updating my iPhone 4S then everything gets deleted, how do I bring back the deleted data on my iPhone 4S?

Before, the only things on my iPhone were the icons that were there when I bought it. A few days later, I added 3 songs; those were the only things on my iPhone. I went to iTunes and saw a software update. Fearing that the songs might get deleted, I purchase a program that copied my songs to the computer. I updated and my songs got deleted. I put back the songs I copied earlier to my iPhone. At present, I have apps, contacts and more songs. I saw an update and wanted to get it but I again know that everything will get deleted. I saw in the “iPhone Summary”, “Encrypt iPhone Backup”. I made a password but I don’t know what encrypt iPhone backup means. If I uncheck it after updating the software, will the things that were deleted come back to my iPhone? And what does “Encrypt iPhone Backup” mean and how does it work? Do not fear.

Now, you can use iPhone Data Recovery to find back your deleted files on your iPhone.

Then for encrypt iPhone backup, first, it is just but a password on the backup so not anyone can use it. Every time you connect your iPhone to iTunes it makes a backup.

If your iPhone 4S ask for a password to enter and unlock your encrypted iPhone backup file, the iPhone Backup Password Recovery can help you!

Second, updating iTunes, or updating your software on you iPhone does not, and should never permanently delete your songs. What it does when you update, it has to put new software onto your iPhone, but it can’t just add it on, instead it deletes the software, and then installs the new software. In this process, yes everything on your iPhone is deleted, but remembers that backup? It loads everything back, on top of the new software from that backup. So everything should be the same.

If you feel that it isn’t the same, then connect your iPhone, let it do its thing with iTunes, check it while keeping it connected, if it still doesn’t feel right, under the iPhone tab to your left in iTunes, click “Restore iPhone” or something about restore. This should fix any issues.

If you are not having something connect to your iPhone, but it’s in iTunes, then under this same iPhone tab, click on the top tabs that say, “music”, “videos” etc. Make sure that the box is checked for everything to be synced, or at least the things you want to be synced.

Also, if you bought your (songs/other stuff) from iTunes, then the store has data of your account purchasing those, and they disappear, go into the iTunes Store, and click purchase on the same item you purchased and it should say, “You have already purchased this item, would you like to purchase it again for real” or something close.

So you don’t have to worry. You can use iPhone Data Recovery to help you recover lost data on your iPhone or use iPhone Backup Password Recovery to help you recover forgotten encrypted iPhone backup file password.

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