iPhone Data Recovery – How to Recover Lost iPhone Data Efficiently?

how to recover data from iPhone without backup

Recover iPhone


Why Do You Need iPhone Data Recovery?

Holding an iPhone is cool and fashionable nowadays. Besides, iPhone can be a great gadget for us to kill our leisure time. We never feel boring with iPhone in hand, to take a photo of ourselves, to play various kinds of games, to talk to Sari, and so on.

But things not always have the happy side. For example, have you ever deleted important data such as contacts, notes, bookmarks, loving pictures, etc. off from your iPhone? Or you got a misfortune of iPhone stolen, broken, water damaged?

Does that put you into a great panic since so many precious data houses on your iPhone?

How to Recover Lost iPhone Contacts, Pictures and More Files from iPhone?

As a matter of fact, with Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery, the panic is needless. Read on for the solutions to perform iPhone data recovery on your own without sending your iPhone to Apple or a third-party data rescue agency.

Note: The solutions introduced below can be applied to all iPhone models including iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3.

iPhone Data Recovery provides two recovery modes – Recover Data from iPhone directly without backup & Recover Data from iTunes backup file.

Let’s see the using steps together.

Before proceeding, download the iPhone Data Recovery from


Install it aright on your computer.

Part 1: Recover Data from iPhone Directly without iTunes Backup

 how to retrieve data from iPhone

iPhone Data Recovery

This solution is fit for those who don’t have an iTunes backup but iPhone is not lost and available in hand. And this mode is also recommended as the first choice, because it ensures all the data on your iPhone to be recovered.




Step 1: Connect your iPhone with the PC using the included USB connector, then launch iPhone Data Recovery. Choose the right mode from the top menu window “Recover Data from iOS Device”.

Step 2: Enter DFU mode. This is only need for iPhone 4/3GS/3 users,so if you are an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S user, please ignore this step.

Step 3: Start to scan your iPhone by a communication process. This may take a while, so please wait patiently.

Step 4: Selectively preview and recover your needed data in terms of saving the recovery time.

In the final step, you will find a window pops up asking for proper location on your computer to save the recovered data. Specify it properly.

Now you have learnt how to retrieve data from iPhone without backup. Learn the iPhone data recovery from iTunes backup, please read on.


Part 2: Recover iPhone Files from iTunes Backup

If your iPhone is not in hand, you can use this solution to restore iPhone data from iTunes backup. But this can only restore the data that was in the latest backup. If you add new data on your iPhone after the last syncing, the new data can’t be restored.

Step 1: Choose the “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” mode, then the iPhone Data Recovery will scan the backup of your iPhone.

Step 2: Preview your iPhone data before perform the data recovery.

Step 3: Recover your iPhone data after the previewing of confirmation.

Also specify a proper location for your recovered iPhone files in the pop-up window.

2-unlockerNote: If you need backup password to access the iTunes backup password, but you forgot it, here is an article can help you out to unlock forgotten/lost iPhone backup password.

Here is a video iPhone Data Recovery to show you the steps more intuitively.


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