My iPhone Turned on/off Automatically – The Easiest and Quickest Way to Fix It

iPhone won’t turn on

iPhone 4 is Getting Turn On/Off Automatically after Jailbreak

Hey all. I want help from you. Like I have iPhone 4 and I deleted all my tweaks from Cydia through debian Package. After that, there comes an option of reboot device. I have done that too. But now my iPhone is getting turn on off automatically. Sometime it comes in recovery mode too but it’s not going out of recovery mode. Nothing is happening but the same thing is occurred, getting turn on off again. And my current iOS version is 6.0.1 running on my device and it’s jailbroken too. Help me out.

How to Fix iPhone Reboot Cycle or iPhone Won’t Turn On?

As was said on the above, after iPhone jailbreak, or restore, update and so on, it may stuck into reboot loop, that is, turning on and off automatically! How to fix this? And sometimes, another problem also comes out: My iPhone 4S was working just fine yesterday, but today I noticed it was turning on, then immediately turning off. I tried to turn it off and on (didn’t work), then I tried recovery mode (didn’t work), and tried plugging it in. So if anybody could help me I would highly appreciate it.

That is, iPhone won’t turn on normally.

Force Your iPhone into Recovery Mode

There are many pages on the internet telling you how to recover iPhone from stuck screen, or, how to turn on your iPhone normally. We can see that entering iPhone recovery mode is the most common way to fix this. As we know, Recovery mode, also restore mode, is used when an iOS device encounters software-related or app-related trouble, it can usually be resolved by restarting. In some circumstances, you have to put the device into recovery mode and restoring it. For instance, the silver Apple logo has been on screen, with no change for many minutes.

So recovery mode is really a good way to put your iPhone from faulted to normal. Then the next problem is how to enter and exit recovery mode.

If you search the google, you can get a lot of solutions and methods telling you how to put your iPhone into or out of recovery mode. And the most common one is the way which needs to hold home and power button. Personally, that is somehow complicated. Here, I will introduce you an easy and quick way to enter and exit iPhone recovery mode.

It is a free and safe tool called ReiBoot, totally free provided by Tenorshare aiming to help users who encountered iPhone stuck screen problem. Just one click to enter or exit recovery mode, so easy and so useful!

Don’t hesitate, have a try! It won’t lose anything!

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