Recover iPhone 4 Photos By Using This Great iPhone Photo Recovery Trick

As a photographer or even an ordinary iPhone 4 user, there is nothing more frustrating than losing your precious and loving photos such as your lovely baby’s cute photos on your iPhone 4. Don’t be annoyed too early, we have makeup for your mistaken operation by providing you with iPhone 4 photo recovery software -iTunes Data Recovery. It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly yet professional iPhone 4 photos recovery tool which can not only recover iPhone photos, but also contacts, SMS, call history, calendar, notes, voice memos, etc. from iTunes backup. You just need to press a few buttons on your computer and all your backed up iPhone 4 photos will be recovered in minutes.

recover iPhone 4 photos

Part I. Is It Possible to Recover Deleted iPhone 4 Photos?
After you delete your iPhone 4 photos, your photos are indeed not be removed forever, they are still in your iPhone hard drive, and are just out of your visibility. The spaces which were taking up by the deleted photos now can be reused by iPhone 4 users when moving these photos from visibility. If you don’t overwrite the space with new files, the invisible deleted iPhone 4 photos remains here. And if you made backup of your iPhone 4 photos before, then the iPhone 4 photos recovery work can become so easy.

Part II. How iTunes Backup Files Saved on Windows and Mac?
For Win 8, Win 7, Vista users, navigate \Users\ (username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\ MobileSync\Backup\.
For Windows XP users, navigate \Document and Settings\ (username)\Application Data\Apple Computer\Mobile Sync\Backup\.
For Mac users, navigate \Library\Application Support\MobileSync\Backup\.

And you can see your backed up iPhone 4 photos saved with unreadable files. Our powerful iTunes Data Recovery can make these unreadable photos visible.

Part III. How to Recover Photos from iPhone 4 on Windows and Mac?
iTunes Data Recovery works for both windows and Mac respectively. It works well with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP. Moreover, Mac users can click here to get the iTunes Data Recovery for Mac. Let’s begin the steps.

Step 1: Scan iTunes Backup Photos of Your iPhone 4.
Run iTunes Data Recovery you have installed in your computer. In the main interface, you will see all the iDevices which were made backup automatically detected and listed here. Select your iPhone 4 by highlighting it. Press “Start Scan” button at bottom right.
Note: If this program can’t find your iPhone 4 automatically, you can import it manually.

Step 2: Preview Photos You Have Deleted Before Do iPhone Recovery.
When scan finishes, all your iPhone 4 files are displayed in categories: Call History, Messages, etc. in the left of the window. Click “Photos” to unfold the photos. Then you can preview your deleted iPhone 4 photos in detail.

Step 3: Recover Deleted iPhone 4 Photos Selectively.
Now it’s the time for performing the last and stirring step. Mark your wanted photos if you don’t want to recover all of them. Tap “Recover” button and select a proper save path for your recovered photos in the pop up window.

Now you can return to your iPhone 4, and check the regain photos. Is it amazing? iTunes Data Recovery is really the not-second choice for those who want to recover photos from iPhone backup. Please visit to learn more.

However, for your data safety, you are advised to form a good habit of backing up your iPhone 4 files frequently and regularly.

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