How to Restore iPhone Backup From iTunes, Not iCloud Backup

restore iPhone backup

restore iPhone data

How much do you know about iCloud backup? If you did iTunes backup and encrypt backup, how to unlock?

iCloud allows backup & restoring the iPhone contents over Wi-Fi/3 G to your cloud having a registered Apple account. iCloud backups the photos, application data, device settings, messages and mail, etc. iCloud services were unveiled in give you a computer free backup solution. It acts as a remote backup service and allows moving data seamlessly between different Apple devices like Mac, iPod and iPad. iCloud offer services in order to the lost phone, lock it remotely and wipe the information remotely. iCloud limits the free backup storage to Giga Bytes. However additional iCloud data storage can be acquired if you are paying annual fees to Apple. iCloud uses a secure token for authentication and secures the content by encrypting it when sent on the internet. Usage of a secure token for authentication eliminates the call to store iCloud password on devices. Apple also claims that, every one of the iCloud data except the emails and notes is stored encrypted on disk using 128 bit encryption algorithm. Encrypted data stored about the disk is decrypted around the fly when requested from an authentication device. Data stored within the iCloud will also be copied to your computer and more details are available at Apple documentation.

iCloud data is effectively safe from hackers as Apple affords the best authentication mechanism by enforcing the users to utilize strong passwords, which could steer clear of the brute force attacks. Given that anyone works on the strong password, information stored on the iCloud is safe.

Well, if we apple iPhone 5 users did not opt for iCloud backup, but backup idevice from iTunes. One day, they forgot the iTunes backup password!

How should they get password to restore iPhone backup from iTunes?

The most efficient way is to use software “iPhone Backup Password Recovery” to help restore iPhone backup!

1. Download iPhone Backup Password Unlocker Tool from and import encrypted backup file.

2. Choose attack method to restore iPhone backup password.

3. easy to restore iPhone data.

Also, we can try to shut everything down, “Restore iPhone” from iTunes. This time it seems like to sync everything since it should, without asking for your password strength. Alas, the unit is stuck on the screen saying “hook up with iTunes.” Certainly, it’s already connected. Disconnect/reconnecting, pressing sync, pressing Copy Now, changing setting all make message briefly changing to “associated with iTunes” the changing back to “get connected to iTunes.” Power-cycling the device changes nothing.

Reset the iPhone 5 and tried “Restore iPhone” again. Now the iPhone 5 actually works, but all my setting on the last 4-5yrs is lost: countless application passwords, network settings, customized ringtones, my sons’ saved games and scores, default contact numbers. After hours when trying to enter preferences and data manually, I’m still running into missing information I have not yet restored. Needless to say, I’m petrified of actually parting using the old phone, as more than in the event the best way to properly restore some settings has been to look them up on the existing iPhone.

Read Video on How to Restore iPhone Backup!

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