Top 3 iPhone Music Transfer Software in 2018

Just update to the new iPhone X,wondering what to do to transfer all your music from the old iPhone to it?There are so many ways can achieve this,here is a tutorial showing you 3 best methods to get it done effectively.

Way 1. Transfer Music with iTunes.

iTunes provides a simple way for you to transfer the music by just flicking your fingers,here is what you need to do:

Step 1. Open iTunes on your laptop or iPhone.
Step 2. On phone,go to Settings-Music
Step 3. Scross down to the bottom of the page and click Home Sharing.
Step 4. Log in with your Apple ID and Save it
Step 5. Now go to the other device you want to transfer your music.
Step 6. Follow the same steps on this phone.
Step 7. Go to iTunes on your phone.
Step 8. Click Shared,it will ask your library name,select it.

It will refresh it in a few seconds,and then the music will be transferred.

Well,this is a way might occur to you in the first place,but frankly,the process is quite time-consuming,if you want things done effectively,you can take a look at following two alternatives:

Way 2. Get Music to Your New iPhone Using Tenorshare Phone to Phone Transfer.

Tenorshare Phone to Phone Transfer is exclusively developed for transfering data separately between iOS devices,including iPhone,iPad,iPod,etc.Compare to iTunes,the advantage of this program is the way it works so quickly and straightforwardly,just a few minutes,you will complete the task.

Step 1. Install and launch Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer.

Step 2. Connect both your old and new iPhone with it,make sure there’s sufficient storage on your target device and two devices are in correct order.

Step 3. Select the music you want to transfer on your old iPhone and hit Start Transfer button.

Have a cup of tea,the transferring process won’t take too long,after that you will be able to view the transferred music on your new iPhone.

Way 3. Move Music to Your New iPhone by Tenorshare iCarefone.

There always are alternatives allowing you to make things happen,no exception in this case,Tenorshare iCarefone is a program offering you an option to do this trick.

Step 1. Install and run iCarefone on your laptop.
Step 2. Plug your old iPhone to the computer and hit Trust this computer if being required.
Step 3. Navigate to File Manager section and select Music.

Step 4. It will ask you to install muti-media component if you haven’t installed it previously.Then you will see all the music on your phone emerging in the screen.Click Export to extract the music to your computer.

Step 5. Now you can connect your new iPhone and get to Music,click import to move the music to it.

Now you have learned 3 best ways to transfer your music between iOS devices,just this easy!When you get the new iPad, iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6/6s/7, or a new iPhone 8/8 Plus, or iPhone X, and want to import all songs, movies, photos, apps, contacts, messages, notes, books from the old one, you can download Tenorshare Phone to Phone Transfer or Tenorshare iCarefone on your computer firstly, and then follow this guide to make it.

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