Top 3 Ways to Speed Up iPhone 7/7 Plus

It’s an extremely excited thing when you start using an iPhone 7/7 Plus, but it is a really annoying thing to accept its slower and slower performance. Generally, sluggish iPhone always is caused by large space occupation including music, videos, photos, etc. If you want to speed up iPhone 7/7 Plus, today these articles will cover a few helpful tips for you to make your iPhone/iPad run faster.

Part 1: Free Clean Up iPhone/iPad with iCarefone Cleaner

The first suggested way is about a free cleaner for iOS device. Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner is an amazing free iPhone/iPad cleaning & privacy protection assistant. As one of the best free iPhone clean master, this powerful iOS clean master is able to thoroughly clear out any unwanted files, greatly accelerate your iOS 10.3/10.2 running speed and protect your privacy security in every single way so that bring you a safer, faster and better iPhone experience.

Please follow the detailed tutorial to use iCareFone Cleaner to improve the speed performance on your iPhone.

How to Free Up Your iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus?

Step 1: Please download and install iCareFone Cleaner on your computer.

Step 2: Launch it after installed successfully. Then use the USB cable to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, to your Windows 10/8.1/8 computer.

Step 3: When the interface is displayed, you should click on the Start button to start scanning. scan iphone/ipad for cleaning Step 4: When the scan completed, you can choose the files to get them cleaned, including Junk Files, Temp Files, Photos, Large Files and Apps respectively. speed up iphone7/7 plus Part 2: Common Ways to Get Slow iPhone 7/7 Plus Run Faster?

Way 1: Remove all your apps running in the background

This is the easiest and most common method to solve slow iPhone. If you are running quite a lot of apps in the background, they will take a lot of RAM and make your iPhone 7/7 Plus run slow. Thing will get worse when you open a ‘RAM-hungry’ app.

Steps: Double-tap at the Home button>> Remove all the running apps in the background Way

2: Delete unused apps

To erase some unwanted apps that are occupied at some storage can be another good idea to speed up your iPhone/iPad. If you don’t use them, you are opposed to clean them for more space.

Steps: Press the icon of the app you want to delete>> Apps starts to wobble and an “X” appears in the top-left corner>>Click on “X” >> App will gone

If you have any other useful ways, please leave a comment under this article. It is really appreciated.

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